About us

Air India Express is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Air India. This low-cost arm of Air India is headquartered in Kochi, Kerala.The airline carries around 4.3 million passengers each year and connects 140 city pairs with its cost effective and reliable flight services.Air India Express was launched as a low-cost carrier in April 2005, with the objective of providing convenient connectivity to
short/medium haul international routes in the Gulf and South East Asia at affordable fares. The airline’s target segments are Indian expatriates, budget travelers, and leisure travelers. The airline aims at providing non-stop, no-frills service to its customers across all channels. Our vision is to become India’s most efficient and preferred LCC on regional and international routes; constantly
exceeding passengers’ expectations in terms of quality, affordability, convenience, and comfort. With a steadfast mission to become India’s most preferred budget airline, Air India Express provides the best travel deals and convenient schedules for price-sensitive customers. We believe in making flying affordable for everyone, without compromising on quality, innovation, and convenience Air India Express operates an impressive fleet of 24 Boeing 737- 800 Next Generation(NG) aircraft that support our low-cost structure. Our young and modern fleet comprises aircraft that are both economically and ecologically efficient. These aircraft allow for safe and comfortable flying and are ideal for short medium haul flights. We believe that our employees are our strength and our success is attributed to their relentless hard work and collective effort. Our ultimate goal is to provide quick and efficient services to our customers.